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Send email to test list

I send a test email to the same group of people every time. It would be nice to either save those settings or to pick a test list to send to instead of entering 8 emails every single time.

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I completely agree. This should 100% be a feature for enterprise customers. It is a huge hassle to have to send an email to 20 people for approval one by one.


One workaround that we've done is use a slack channel. Each slack channel has an email address associated to it, so we send the email there, where everyone can view it.


Another alternative could be using zapier.


Agreed - can't believe there aren't more votes on this!


I second this idea. We just moved over from Pardot and had the ability to create specific test lists that we used to send email previews to internal contacts. Our list has 17 people on it and it's ridiculous to have to manually select each one each time. I've opted for just sending a live email to the list, but in order to do that, they have to be set as marketing contacts which is a whole other headache 🙄


It's insane that it's 2024 and we still can't set  up a test group for deployment QA.