Send email to just some associated contacts with deal-based workflow


I need to create a deal-based workflow to send emails to specific contacts associated with a deal. Rather than just all associated contacts, I need to send it to only the associated contacts that have a certain value in a certain contact property.


To illustrate, we have a SaaS app in which users can have different roles/permissions, including a checkbox for "Send admin emails." We import this into HubSpot as a contact property for User Role, with "send admin emails" as one of the values. We want to use HubSpot to send some of those admin emails only to the contacts who have the value "send admin emails" in their User Role property.


"Why can't you just use a contact-based workflow?" you ask. Great question! Because, within the emails, we need to include deal properties (particularly deal name), because the admin emails in question are deal-specific.

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This would be huge for our company as well! I just spoke to a rep as well for something similar -- being able to text only specific associated contact on the deal.


@RacheleCom When it comes to emails, our workaround has been to create a email subscription that only applies to a specific group. When we send an email from a deal workflow, it will only successfully send to those that are in the email subscription and not to contacts that are not in it (It will basically look like the email was unable to be delivered to those that are not in this group). This has been an ok workaround for us, but it is not 100% reliable and creates a lot of issues for us as well.