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Send email to a deal/contact property using deal-based workflow

As a marketing/sales user I want the deal-based workflow step of 'send internal email' to allow sending emails to a property that stores an email address.


This functionality exists in a Contact-based workflow in the 'Send internal email' workflow step - however it is needed in deal-based workflows.


Currently in deal-based workflows you can only send internal emails to Hubspot Users. Alternatively you can send email to all contacts associated with the deal. However, there is no way to automate associations. Our Deals are created in Salesforce and synced into Hubspot, so there's no way for us to control the associations.


Ultimately, this is needed to allow email campaigns triggered by deal-based properties, such as a Welcome/Onboarding email campaign, or an End of Deal email campaign.

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@simonh321 thanks for sharing this feedback! To clarify, it sounds like you'd like to send emails to contacts associated to deals, for example when a deal moves to closed won, send a welcome email to the contacts associated to the deal - is that correct? Can you describe the issues you're encountering with the associations not carrying over in the Salesforce sync? 



i also would like to  create a deal based flow and trigger an email to be sent to a customer whose email address i store in a deal property.

case: it's been 30 days since the deal has launched and i would like to send a survey to the person i have stored as main point of contact for surveys.



@simonh321   You might be able to use zapier as a workaround for this. Atleast when i use it to send out a survey when our deals move from one stage to another. 

The way my workflow works is: In zapier my trigger is when a deal is moved to a certain stage. then the action is: add contact to a workflow. in here you will be able to find the value of the deal property from where you have stored the email.  This way i enroll a single contact from a deal where multiple contacts is associated. 


There is an option in workflows to send an external marketing email based on a workflow, but I'd like to be able to send an external sales email based on a workflow as well. For example: Our sales rep calls the contact to follow up on something we mailed them. If they dont answer, we want to have an automated email sent to them to follow up as well. The only way to do that right now is to enroll them in a special sequence, but it would be nice if the email could automatically happen via a workflow. 


Hey all, 


I'll +1 this idea and provide more context. I'm running into an issue that wouldn't be one if Deal workflows had parity with Contact workflows for the following feature:

1. Send internal marketing emails.

2. For the recipient, use a custom property that stores an email *or* a specific team or HubSpot user. 


Here's the full context: 

We've gotten lots of requests, for years, regarding abandonments of high-value shopping carts.  Historically speaking, we've only been sending cart abandonment emails directly to customers. After some investigation, we realized that the customer emails were mostly successful in having the customers return and update their carts. The products or quantities are frequently updated. 


Using the currently available features, we can send an internal email alert to our reps, which is useful. But we're coming across many instances where, by the time the rep reviews the deal in-app, it'd be updated (the deal amount changes helps us track this). But there's no way today for us to track changes to the product on the deal. E-commerce deals will only show what's currently in the cart. 


If we had the 2 features I described at the beginning of my post, we'd have the opportunity of creating an internal version of the cart abandonment emails to capture a snapshot of the deal before the customer makes any changes. Because of COVID, we've learned that the inventory and product availability issues we're enduring (because of our vendors supply chain disruptions) have been causing our customers to update their carts by removing products when there are perfectly acceptable alternatives. Our reps can usually save these deals, but only if they have the product context.  




We could use this for custom objects too! Whenever you enroll such an object (it's pretty similar to a deal) an email will always be sent to all associated contacts. Therefore the aforemeantioned function "Send internal email" would be of great advantage within worfklows for custom objects. 

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We really need this feature for a number of our school clients!

Use case: when an 'Application' (Custom Object) is created, send an automated personalised email containing object-specific tokens to the associated contact and to an email address in another property on that associated contact (there are often multiple parents, sometimes agents or consultants or fee payers that need to be included in these communications).

This is hindered by the fact that one object cannot automatically be created and associated with two contacts with a form/workflow.


This is critical for us where we are dealing with more than one customer from the same household: parents who want to receive the same communication! It would save a lot of grumbling if we had this functionality!


+1 Any updates on this feature? It would really be useful for billing deals also, sending emails to a deal-property email and reminders.


+1 for this. Would be super useful for supplier confirmation emails for us - sending an email to a deal-property email when a booking is closed won (not to the contact email).