Send email to a deal/contact property using deal-based workflow

As a marketing/sales user I want the deal-based workflow step of 'send internal email' to allow sending emails to a property that stores an email address.


This functionality exists in a Contact-based workflow in the 'Send internal email' workflow step - however it is needed in deal-based workflows.


Currently in deal-based workflows you can only send internal emails to Hubspot Users. Alternatively you can send email to all contacts associated with the deal. However, there is no way to automate associations. Our Deals are created in Salesforce and synced into Hubspot, so there's no way for us to control the associations.


Ultimately, this is needed to allow email campaigns triggered by deal-based properties, such as a Welcome/Onboarding email campaign, or an End of Deal email campaign.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

@simonh321 thanks for sharing this feedback! To clarify, it sounds like you'd like to send emails to contacts associated to deals, for example when a deal moves to closed won, send a welcome email to the contacts associated to the deal - is that correct? Can you describe the issues you're encountering with the associations not carrying over in the Salesforce sync? 

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i also would like to  create a deal based flow and trigger an email to be sent to a customer whose email address i store in a deal property.

case: it's been 30 days since the deal has launched and i would like to send a survey to the person i have stored as main point of contact for surveys.