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Send direct email to contact list using Sales Pro

I would like to propose the idea of being able to utilize Sales Professional to send an email to a list or many contacts at once. We switched to trying out the Sales platform because there are barriers with Marketing, mainly that the industry I function in has very strict spam/junk filters. Emails that are sent through Hubspot Marketing are often missed because of how they are marked/filtered. The sales function allows for integration with our Outlook, so the email is going through my email, and thus we avoid the barriers presented by Marketing. The solution to our problem...

1. Allow Sales to be sent to a list OR several contacts. We would need to still send on a person-to-person basis so, perhaps, creating a task that would allow the same email being sent to ALL contacts and tracked separately.

2. Perhaps the Marketing tool can be granted the same integration Sales has with the external inboxes. The fundamental piece missing from marketing is the fact it's not coming directly through our inboxes and isn't being received. The info we send to folks is often very important and we need to be sure it's delivered.

3. Allow for BBC's to be tracked using the Sales tool with external emails. I know this is very unlikely as it's a BBC function used to track these.


For transparency's sake, I work for a global marketing non-profit. Hubspot was chosen as our marketing tool. I work in member and stakeholder services managing approximately 500 contacts. We often send vital information that must be received by these contacts in a timely manner. We do not have the budget to subcribe to an additional CRM.


Any information that can be presented that can help us to 1. mass communicate with our stakeholders 2. avoid the issues presenting by sending marketing emails and 3. maintain animosity in email comms would be greatly appreciated.


Another solution... allow the Sales Pro platform/plugin to track BCC.