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Send a link to a customer Survey (NPS, CSAT, CES, or Other)

Currently, customers can only engage with an NPS via a web page pop-up or HTML-style email. I want to have a link generated to an NPS survey that I can then send to customers via email or SMS. It would be much more targeted than a pop-up as we only want customers to fill this out after a deal is made and it would not get caught in spam filters like the HTML-style email. 


  • Who: This would be a function for customer success and sales 
  • Goal: Send customers a link to a survey via email or SMS through an app integration (Sakari integration)
  • Value: Main value is flexibility with the delivery of surveys. A pop-up window is not targeted and HTML-style emails have a very high rate of getting caught in spam. Sending an email with a link to the survey would have a much higher delivery rate and engagement rate. SMS marketing has a 98% open rate, sending the customer a link to the survey as an SMS would also have a very high engagement rate (this is how Amazon does it)
  • Examples: When you buy from Amazon, you receive a link via text and/or email to a satisfaction survey, not an HTML-style email that gets pushed into spam.

If anyone has ideas or thoughts on this please share! If you have a solution to this I would also like to hear it.



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Thank you BCapewell for the feature request. I agree. Having text-based survey links available within NPS, CES and CSAT campaigns would be extremely helpful in reaching a broader customer base.


I was directed here after submitting the same query to support. This is something that is possible through Medalia NPS and is very useful. 

This option allows us to send NPS surveys directly a couple of times a year and also allows our clients to have the opportunities to provide feedback at will.