Send Workflows Emails on a Specific Day of the Week


Right now we have the option to send out workflow emails on Business Days only.

It would also be helpful if we could send a email from a workflow on a specific day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.) consistently.

We could optimize the emails based on our known delivery successes, and also create new styles of campaigns, such as a weekly course like Tuesday Tips.

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Jun 30, 2020

Delay until a day or timeDelay until a day or time

Status updated to: Delivered
Jun 30, 2020

Hi all,


This feature is now live to all customers!

Read more about the new "Delay until a day or time" option in this KB Help Doc.


Thank you!


Status updated to: In Beta
May 20, 2020

Hi everyone,


We've just kicked off a beta for a new feature called a Delay until a day or time delay, and we'd love to get it in your hands and get your feedback Smiley Happy


You can use the Delay until a day or time delay to pause your workflow until a certain day(s) of the week and/or time of day. For example, if you're using a workflow to send a series of promotional emails, you might want certain emails to only go out on Tuesday mornings. You can use a Delay until a day or time action to delay contacts until Tuesday at 11:00 AM. Any contacts that enter the delay will then wait until the next Tuesday at 11:00 AM before exiting the delay.


There's also an option to use your account timezone, or the enrolled contact's timezone for the specified time, in contact workflows. This way, the following email can go out on Tuesday at 11:00 AM in your recipient's timezone.


Please submit your email address and Hub ID via this form to request access, and please feel free to send me a direct message with any follow-up feedback about the new delay!




Status updated to: In Planning
Mar 27, 2020

Hi all,


Thanks for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea. We're currently working on a feature that improves time-based delays, by adding additional options for more precise control. The new options will allow you to specify a base delay (if so desired) and then layer on refinements which specify that when the base delay is over, to further wait until a specific [day of the week] and/or a specific [time of day], before the next action occurs.


For example, your workflow could contain a delay of "at least 2 days, refined by wait until a Monday, and refined by wait until 9am," followed by an email send action. If a contact enrolled on a Thursday, they would enter the delay for at least 2 days, but when those two days have passed, the contact would remain in the delay until the next "Monday at 9am" arrives, at which time the contact would proceed to the next action in the workflow. This allows you to coordinate that the email in the workflow will go out to the contact on a Monday, at 9am.


I'll update this post again when more information is available Smiley Happy

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We definitely need this functionality and it would be extremely helpful to have. You need to have the ability to set delays for specific days,times, and days of the week. It truly helps to support campaigns.

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Wow, I just can't believe this is a feature request (like how is it that it's not in the product already - I thought I was just being really dumb and missing something in trying to setup a workflow to run every Tuesday, for example)




I would love to have this functionality added.  I would prefer to only send emails from Tues - Thurs, but right now I can only select business days (M - F).  


YES! HubSpot is a great tool; however, I can't believe this functionality isn't already a part of the product. Our team very desperately needs this feature. Hoping HubSpot will invest in augmenting this function to its email automation workflows sooner rather than later (please)!


If you want this to be incorporated please vote on it with a Thumbs Up.  The ideas with the most Thumbs Up get implemented.


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This is a must-have!

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Adding a comment on behalf of several customers! The ability to limit workflow actions to certain days of the week would make it easier to ensure all contacts are receiving the material we want them to at the time we want them to, instead of having to ensure contacts are enrolled at a specific time and the delays are all mapped out to make it work.

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It is a bit of a hack around involving Zapier, but I had this same issue and came up with a solution that has been working well for us - details here if you're interested:


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Already shared this on another thread, but figured I'd drop it on any of the related issues in case it's useful: It is a bit of a hack around involving Zapier, but I had this same issue and came up with a solution that has been working well for us - details here if you're interested:


This would be incredibly useful for nurturing campaigns. Please consider implementing this feature.


I cannot believe this isn't already an option!! We have a series of emails we want to sen don Mondays to new subscribers. We want them to start with email 1 and continue on for infinity. I need to have the ability to send the emails on a specific day of the week!! 


Similar to this idea, we are looking for the ability to create a reoccurring workflow based on time delay (not specific day of the week). We would like to be able to survey our members every 6 months (initial send would be 6 months from join date—a contact property we capture—and then reoccurring every 6 months after). 

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@kdemars I think you could actually achieve what you need with the tools available in workflows currently. It's probably not as simple as in some other systems, but I think it'd work:

1) Create the workflow which sends the first survey with a trigger of join date is more than 180 days ago

and in that work flow, in addition to sending the survey, set a custom field along the lines of last survey date (set to the date of program ran)


2) Create a second workflow for the subsequent sends with the enrollment criteria of last survey date is more than 180 days ago. If that will be exactly the same email for every subsequent send, you could also set it to re-enroll people automatically, if not, just create subsequent workflows with the same 180 days criteria, plus has completed the previous workflow.


Does that make sense? Hope I understood what you're trying to do correctly.


Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 7.51.02 AM.png


@kaious - This is awesome! I had reached out to HubSpot support with my question and they had told me it was not possible. Looking at your steps though, this seems to achieve exactly what we need. Really appreciate it!

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@kdemars no worries - glad it was helpful 🙂


This would be a HUGE help. My process for managing this is really manual, time-consuming, and messy. 

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This would be a great feature that would help our process. 


Frankly, it's embarrassing that this feature does not exist yet.


Like many things in hubspot I'm left shaking my head that it's not there.  This is not complex to code.


- a hostage "customer"


Yes please! It's remarkably frustrating not to be able to do this. The 'center on a date' workflow isn't sufficient and the UX is not good.




Workflow feature that let send emails on a specific day of the week as well as specific date.