Send Workflows Emails on a Specific Day of the Week


Right now we have the option to send out workflow emails on Business Days only.

It would also be helpful if we could send a email from a workflow on a specific day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.) consistently.

We could optimize the emails based on our known delivery successes, and also create new styles of campaigns, such as a weekly course like Tuesday Tips.

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Jun 30, 2020

Delay until a day or timeDelay until a day or time

Status updated to: Delivered
Jun 30, 2020

Hi all,


This feature is now live to all customers!

Read more about the new "Delay until a day or time" option in this KB Help Doc.


Thank you!


Status updated to: In Beta
May 20, 2020

Hi everyone,


We've just kicked off a beta for a new feature called a Delay until a day or time delay, and we'd love to get it in your hands and get your feedback Smiley Happy


You can use the Delay until a day or time delay to pause your workflow until a certain day(s) of the week and/or time of day. For example, if you're using a workflow to send a series of promotional emails, you might want certain emails to only go out on Tuesday mornings. You can use a Delay until a day or time action to delay contacts until Tuesday at 11:00 AM. Any contacts that enter the delay will then wait until the next Tuesday at 11:00 AM before exiting the delay.


There's also an option to use your account timezone, or the enrolled contact's timezone for the specified time, in contact workflows. This way, the following email can go out on Tuesday at 11:00 AM in your recipient's timezone.


Please submit your email address and Hub ID via this form to request access, and please feel free to send me a direct message with any follow-up feedback about the new delay!




Status updated to: In Planning
Mar 27, 2020

Hi all,


Thanks for taking the time to submit, upvote, and comment on this Idea. We're currently working on a feature that improves time-based delays, by adding additional options for more precise control. The new options will allow you to specify a base delay (if so desired) and then layer on refinements which specify that when the base delay is over, to further wait until a specific [day of the week] and/or a specific [time of day], before the next action occurs.


For example, your workflow could contain a delay of "at least 2 days, refined by wait until a Monday, and refined by wait until 9am," followed by an email send action. If a contact enrolled on a Thursday, they would enter the delay for at least 2 days, but when those two days have passed, the contact would remain in the delay until the next "Monday at 9am" arrives, at which time the contact would proceed to the next action in the workflow. This allows you to coordinate that the email in the workflow will go out to the contact on a Monday, at 9am.


I'll update this post again when more information is available Smiley Happy

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We need this feature here too!

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In our use case, we would like to send a different email if the lead came in on Monday to Saturday (office is open) or if it came on Sunday (office closed)


Hi Hubspot, this feature would be extremely useful for us.  In our case, our sales team works 7 days a week.  Some work Monday – Friday, Some work Tuesday - Saturday and some work Sunday – Thursday.  We want to assign leads in a round robin to only those team members working on the day of week that the lead comes.  More specifically, we need to time it by hour too.  In order to do this, the If statement in the workflow would need to know the current time and the current day of the week.


For example, we fire a workflow every time a new lead comes in and want to add the below If Tree to it:

  • If between Sunday 4PM – Monday 6:59:59PM, assign to Monday Team in round robin
  • If between Monday 7PM – Tuesday 6:59:59PM, assign to Tuesday team in round robin
  • If between Tuesday 7PM – Wednesday 6:59:59PM, assign to Wednesday team in round robin





Still waiting on this feature!


+3 for this (we could use on multiple accounts). 


HubSpot, this really needs to be implemented.  


Would really love to be able to either 1) schedule emails for certain days and have that carry over to the Workflow when adding emails or 2) be able to set specific send dates/times in the Workflow (instead of having to guestimate using Delays). We do a lot of events and want certain emails (registration, reminders, etc) to go on specific dates leading up to an event. Right now, I either have to send emails individually (scheduling them and not including in a Workflow) or adding a delay in a Workflow and hoping the emails go out around the date I really want them delivered. 

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This would also be super helpful as we want people to enroll in our workflows 7 days a week and fire initial enrollment emails, but then only execute the remainder of the workflow during the business week.



It would be a great feature ! Is there a workaround ?


I created a workaround but it is messy.  You have to basically create 2 workflows.  One that will enroll people to workflow #2 that sends the emails. Workflow #1 enrolls people to Workflow #2 on specific dates that will keep the sending on a specific day of the week.  Workflow #1 is set to manually enroll and will send the emails 7 days apart.  Should not have to be this complicated.


Any movement on this?


@kathyg please could you explain how your workaround specifically works?


I would like to create a way of enrolling new contacts onto a workflow to send a weekly email at the same time each week. I can have the initial delivery email in a separate workflow if necessary. 




@kathyg I don't think what you suggested is possible, unless I have completely misunderstood what you wrote. Would you mind sharing your workaround in a step-by-step manner?


I figured out a way, and it's a mashup of automatic and manual effort. It should work if you have up to 3 workflows set up to trigger on specific days of the week. If you have more workflows, this will be too much effort and likely not worth it)


Assume we have 2 workflows - W1 for Mon, Tue, Wed, and W2 for Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun. 


Manually enrol your contacts to both workflows. Activate W1 or W2 depending on the time of the week.  If the workflow is inactive, the contact won't get enrolled (I wasn't able to find any documentation that confirms or disproves my last sentence, so please let me know if this works. )






How can you choose which day for these workflows? There's no option to choose Monday/Tuesday etc.


@jessicaravelinAs I said, It's manually done. Either 


1. Create a workflow that has a step to enrol a child workflow, and swap out that child workflow for the respective day, on that day, or


2. The parent workflow enrols all the child workflows (child workflows are for the respective days). You will activate/deactivate the child workflows via the "edit" page.


If the workflows are inactive, they won't enrol the contacts. But, the contacts currently enrolled won't execute their actions. That is why I prefer the first option. 


I haven't read all of the replies, but if this could be a feature in the workflow "steps" that would be huge. Example: We are hosting a client appreciation BBQ. I would like reminder emails to be sent on specific days. If I use a "delay" step then when new clients are added after the workflow is started they will be sent the reminder email late. Adding a step to send emails on specific days allows me to queue everyone up then send an email all at once.


It doesn't fix the problem of people being added after the reminder emails are sent. That's a whole other issue.


We would like this to be a feature too.  We want to send out emails on Tuesday mornings and that doesn't seem possible at this time.

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We have many HubSpot clients that want a regularly recurring email to send out on specific days of the week. What would be awesome is to have the ability in the workflow under setting to specify the day of the week for the desired trigger action. 


I realize date-based workflows are a remedy for this situation but ideally this recurring workflow would provide more flexibility and avoid the issue of scheduled delays. For example, if the time of the desired action passes and the contacts have already been scheduled for the following delay, you have to clone the workflow, and re-enroll contacts back into the workflow. This create more debt in the sense of creating additional workflows, more production, etc. 


The original request recently had its 2nd birthday.  Crazy.