Send Workflows Emails on a Specific Day of the Week

Right now we have the option to send out workflow emails on Business Days only.

It would also be helpful if we could send a email from a workflow on a specific day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.) consistently.

We could optimize the emails based on our known delivery successes, and also create new styles of campaigns, such as a weekly course like Tuesday Tips.

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Is there a way to set the workflow so that the person enrolled receives an email every Monday for five consecutive weeks?


I understand I could delay the action a set amount of days, but is there a way to ensure they receive the emails on a Monday as opposed to a set amount of days since completing the form?



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Hi @JoshHorton,


HubSpot does not offer a Workflow feature that lets you send emails on a specific day of the week. As you mentioned, the usual method would be to delay the action a certain amount of days. You could even limit the workflow to only execute actions on business days only (this is found in Workflow Settings), but it wouldn't be possible to have a specific rule that only sends the email on a  Monday.


I definitely see how this could be a useful feature so I encourage you to post it as a suggestion on the Ideas board of this Community.



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This is a big one for anyone running evergreen events like webinars... 
It is standard fodder in programs like Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, etc.


Here is a screenshot of Infusionsofts...

Infusionsoft's Wait Until Options...Infusionsoft's Wait Until Options...











To expand this further I would like to "Wait Until Sunday at 3PM" as an example. 






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In addition to send ON dates, also include a DON'T SEND date option!

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Yeah, I'm having trouble switching from Mailchimp to Hubspot for one of our ongoing automations, because Hubspot doesn't have this feature.


Here is what Mailchimp's looks like when I'm only sending on one day of the week at a specific time.




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Yes, please! This would also help us for workflows that are triggered when contacts are added to a list. Being able to add them at any time and know they'll get the first email the next Tuesday, rather than wait until Tuesday mornings to add them, would be incredibly helpful.

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As an update I had our developer create an endpoint that would return the next (Monday|Tuesday|Wednesday|Thursday|ETC)...
Now running into the fact that it takes FOREEEEVER and the Hubspot API limits how many calls you can have. 

Wish it wasn't so hard for them to figure out how to just do it in the program. 😕

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We need this feaure too!

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Please do this soon! As an email marketing platform, its crazy that Hubspot doesn't have this feature.

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yes, please do this... it would be super useful!

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Strongly agreed. This is essential. Act-On and Pardot have this feature.  A Wait Until state where I can select the specific date/time to release the next step. And only run this step on Wednesdays at this time. And do not send on these dates to account for holidays, etc. Seems like a reasonable request.

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Why limit the functionality to just work days? Customers in my industry are checking their email on Saturday mornings - and based on Hubspots current limitations, we cannot use an automated workflow to communicate with them when they are paying the most attention to their inbox....such a HUGE missed opportunity. Isn't the whole goal of Hubspot automated workflows and email marketing to get our emails to our customers when they are most likely to be reading their emails?????


Our workflow needs are SIMPLE!


Subscriber meets workflow requirements at anytime during the year (we have 20-50 subscribers per day, everyday who are added to our lead environment). Email #1 is sent to them the first Saturday morning at 9:00 they are in the workflow. Then each subsequent Saturday morning at 9:00 they receive the next email in the track.



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I'd also love to be able to send workflow emails on a certain day - e.g. "every Monday" they get a video of the week or whatever...

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I would very much like this feature as we have customer training emails that need to go out specifally on Mondays!

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Yes, I support this as well. I'd like to distribute our leads that do not have hubspot owners by speficic day.


Sales Rep #1 & #2 = Monday

Sales Rep #3 & #4 = Tuesday


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This feature needs to be built already!!! 

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We also need this!!!!!

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Really confused why this is not standard. 


Please add this feature.

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Really susprised that this feature isn't available yet.
HubSpot is a robus marketing automation software but this feature is a must for some email workflows.

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A must have Hubspot, c'mon Smiley Very Happy