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Send Workflows Emails on a Specific Day of the Week

Right now we have the option to send out workflow emails on Business Days only.

It would also be helpful if we could send a email from a workflow on a specific day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.) consistently.

We could optimize the emails based on our known delivery successes, and also create new styles of campaigns, such as a weekly course like Tuesday Tips.

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I'd also love to be able to send workflow emails on a certain day - e.g. "every Monday" they get a video of the week or whatever...

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I would very much like this feature as we have customer training emails that need to go out specifally on Mondays!

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Yes, I support this as well. I'd like to distribute our leads that do not have hubspot owners by speficic day.


Sales Rep #1 & #2 = Monday

Sales Rep #3 & #4 = Tuesday


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This feature needs to be built already!!! 

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We also need this!!!!!

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Really confused why this is not standard. 


Please add this feature.

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Really susprised that this feature isn't available yet.
HubSpot is a robus marketing automation software but this feature is a must for some email workflows.

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A must have Hubspot, c'mon Smiley Very Happy

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We need this feature here too!


In our use case, we would like to send a different email if the lead came in on Monday to Saturday (office is open) or if it came on Sunday (office closed)