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Send Time Optimization

It would be wonderful if the HubSpot platform had send time optimization. For example, Iterable has this functionality, where you can set an email to deploy over a period of up to 24 hours. This is based on machine learning, where people receive emails when they are most likely to open/click.

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I agree that this would be a great feature for HubSpot to have!

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@jasonrychter , @KHastings - Plug for us, but HubSpot has had this functionality for a long time (dates back to 2016) via the Seventh Sense app.  We also offer a few free tools that might come in handy via the app marketplace.


+1 -- this feature would be a big help! We're in education and deal with busy parents with differing schedules, and would love to meet them where they are. 


I see that Seventh Sense exists, but would be ideal to have this functionality native within HubSpot at no cost -- open+click data is all in the database, so theoretically it's "just" (I know not as easy as that) a matter of layering a feature on top of the email tool.


For one-off sends and automated sends, too -- would be nice if a workflow send email option had the extra layer of sending within their preferred time (if there's enough data to support a preferred time for that user). 


Great idea, been wanting this for months! STO would really help our email engagement


A lot of other CRM platforms has this function now - I'm surprised Hubspot doesn't

Would love to have this!


Also just being able to see stats combined on on best day of send / best time of send, rather in just the indiviudal emails


I'd love to see this feature added too.


Missing this in HubSpot. STO was a great way for us to pace our email sends in a relevant way in a previously used system, especially when working with large lists.


Iterable has this and it gets good open rates and engagement.


Using SeventhSense just adds to the cost of an already high-cost platform. THIS is a function HubSpot should have as a part of their services, WITHOUT charging more. The more I am in HubSpot, the more I see they really don't have the capabilities to be a top-performing platform. I am constantly let down by their lack. 98% of the time, I hear back with, "We don't have that capability/function at this time, but you can go upvote for it." They have been around long enough to be way better than this. 

HubSpot Product Team

Thanks for all the active feedback and comments on this idea. This work isn't planned for development in the next quarter. For transparency and clarity, I'm updating this issue to 'Not currently planned'. That said, I am actively following this thread in consideration for future work cycles.


If you are willing to jump on a call to talk more about this functionality, and your specific use cases send me a direct message.  I would love to understand and learn more from you. Otherwise, please feel free to upvote and continue to leave feedback on this thread.


I agree, this would be extremely helpful