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Send SMS meeting reminders

Other meeting booking platforms such as You Can Book Me allow you toautomatically send SMS remnders just before a meeting. This greatly reduce no shows (by about 50% in our case). A hugely valuable addition for any business that hosts meetings.


We'd really love to see you implement SMS reminders.

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totally agree


Any update on this subject ? Is it something we can expect ? 

It would be SO valuable for any sales team. 

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To send an SMS you need an SMS platform and also you need to buy a bulk of SMS based on the country you are sending the SMSs to.


Remember that Hubspot is adding the appointment to your calendar, whether it is Gcal or Office 365, there is many addons for these calendars to send SMS reminders but not for free.


Hi @leebetts, you can do this using Salesmsg. In fact, we created a video on how to setup appointment reminders to reduce no shows.


You can watch it here:


For sms marketing you can aslo check sms related information on google and aslo on hubspot article


Any updates on this?

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We've worked out a way to do this using Zapier, however, it will only allow us to automate text messages when the contact has scheduled the meeting in their meeting tool - no when we have scheduled the meeting. 


Here's what i have set up, in case it's useful for others


Vidyard Recording


If anyone can help advise how we can also capture those who have scheduled their own meeting that'd be helpful. 

I do feel this is something that HS should definitely integrate, or at the least, a way to consider ALL meetings booked with the contact, regardless of whether they booked it via the meeting tool, or if we booked it in


Hi Benzil, 


Thank you so much! We'll check it out. 





YESSSSS! We would love this also

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Commenting for a customer here.

When it comes to workflow and SMS app integration, notice that we are not able to "send out a text message" depending on the task that is scheduled in the contact timeline.

For example, I have a task with a deadline on 26th Feb. I should be able to use this deadline as a trigger to send my SMS; e.g. 1 day before deadline > first sms
1 hour before deadline > Final sms reminder

I think this applies not just to SMS, but perhaps for email as well where we need more flexibility, other than standard fixed delays to send out notifications to customers.


I don't mind using a 3rd party app to send the SMS, I just want to be able to program the HubSpot workflow to trigger it 1 hour before the call, not 1 day before. Also, when people reschedule (which they do) we need to reset the meeting time and start the workflow again. I would expect a tool as expensie and sophisticated as HS to do this already.


Please fix him for us 🙂


Yes please!!! Agreed. We need this!


I had to spend over 6 hours figuring out how to set up SMS reminders for meetings. Due to HubSpot's design deficiency, my efforts took a long time for the following 2 reasons:
1- HubSpot does NOT make a meeting date and time available for third party apps or workflows to use as an event trigger
2- HubSpot workflows do NOT support variable delayed response based on a meeting date and time in units of hours and minutes. Instead it only offers "days" and the reminders need to be hard coded for a specific hard coded time i.e 8 am, 9 am etc. This is terrible and frankly backward in 21st century. The result is hours of time spent figuring out what to do and make major compromises in the process.

3- Also, the workflows do not re-enroll a contact if a meeting is created from inside the CRM record. It has to be a meeting form submission. This makes it limited to forms only. 


These deficiencies need to be fixed so that SMS reminders can be set up to be sent 60 minutes, 3 hours, 24 hours etc before meetings. whether they are scheduled using forms or from inside the CRM. 




I just left Calendly today because I wanted to use Hubspot for my Meetings as well as my CRM. It's disappointing that this feature was first added here in 2018. Calendly added SMS texting AFTER 2018, so why can't Hubspot do it?


Zapier is fragile and cant really accomplish this well.   


This app does exactly this, sends SMS reminders based on meetings/events pre or post meeting start times.    It pulls phone numbers from your Hubspot contacts, syncs w/ your Google/Outlook calendar and sends out sms/text reminders prior to your meetings.


You can setup whatever templates you need based on keywords/criteria, etc...   


I had a similar frustration. I tried to use Zapier and workflows but it was a bit too brittle and inflexible for us.


We ended up building the app that we wished existed for Hubspot meeting reminders.


It syncs your Hubspot contacts and your Google or Outlook calendar events and sends text reminders before your meetings.


You can do some pretty powerful things with it including:

  • Include a link to a branded landing page with meeting details to make it easy to join.
  • Landing pages also remind prospects of the benefits of attending your meeting.
  • Send targeted messages based on whether an attendee is unconfirmed, confirmed or declined the meeting.
  • Filter based on specific calendars, keywords in the title of your event, etc.

My co-founders and I come from marketing and sales backgrounds so we designed the app from the very beginning to maximize show rates.


We have a new version that we're about to release that is a huge improvement over the current one. I'd really love your feedback about it. You can check out a video overview of it here:




If it's helpful, here's a visual overview of how it works too.


Send SMS reminders for upcoming events to Hubspot contacts.

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 2.45.19 PM.png


Each reminder can include a link to a landing page with meeting details.

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 2.44.35 PM.png


Messages can be automated and sent using logic and filters.

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 2.50.44 PM.png


Managers can see their team's upcoming meetings and scheduled reminders along with other stats.

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 2.54.51 PM.png




Having a tool that sends SMS reminder is easy, I can use Calendly or any
simialr tool for that.

The issue is that we use Hubspot sequences, and it pulls prospects out of a
sequence when they book a meeting. I'm guessing we can't make it pull
prospects out of the sequence when they book a meeting through your tool?


Definitely need this.  Not finding a solution is going to force us to go to calendly which has fantastic workflows 


This has been here since 2018 and Hubspot support just says to upvote it. There are so many other calendar apps with this feature, I don't understand why this isn't such a high priority. It would help so many people who do sales calls 

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This is beyond a joke! Calandly for $15 a month has the feature of being able to send a text reminder. 

I have workflows set up using marketing professional that literally pulls the deal owner and puts their personal booking link in the sms from a workflows level. Then support with an automated sms that we got the ticket. Then I have upgraded to operations hub for out blog approval system that tracks if someone replies then kills the workflow......all pretty advanced stuff. 

THEN! you can't send an sms 24 hrs before a meeting. I am using Sakari which works great for all of the above. 

under meetings> automatons give the ability for sakari integrations. YOU WON'T USE UP ANY PRECIOUS SERVER SPACE YOU'RE TRYING TO CUT FROM USERS... Even though people like myself are paying $5,000 a month.  

Ps the reason I'm here is because the support is so bad this is their best suggestion.