Send SMS meeting reminders

Other meeting booking platforms such as You Can Book Me allow you toautomatically send SMS remnders just before a meeting. This greatly reduce no shows (by about 50% in our case). A hugely valuable addition for any business that hosts meetings.


We'd really love to see you implement SMS reminders.

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totally agree

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Any update on this subject ? Is it something we can expect ? 

It would be SO valuable for any sales team. 

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To send an SMS you need an SMS platform and also you need to buy a bulk of SMS based on the country you are sending the SMSs to.


Remember that Hubspot is adding the appointment to your calendar, whether it is Gcal or Office 365, there is many addons for these calendars to send SMS reminders but not for free.

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Hi @leebetts, you can do this using Salesmsg. In fact, we created a video on how to setup appointment reminders to reduce no shows.


You can watch it here:

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For sms marketing you can aslo check sms related information on google and aslo on hubspot article