Send SMS as reminders

It would be more than useful to be able to send SMS as reminders into workflows. 
People no-show too often for call they booked and SMS could definitely help. 

We do not need Hubspot to give us SMS features, just the possibility for 3rd party integrations to do that in Hubspot. 

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Hi Killian, 

Our HubSpot text messaging integration can do exactly that.  You can add text messaging to any contact-based workflow.  


You can get started for free here:





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Hey @KillianT , this is really easy to do. Chris here at Salesmsg... we created a video on how to do create this appointment reminder campaign.


You can easily build this into a Date Based Workflow (ie: appointment date) so one day before send SMS. However, HubSpot doesn't have any "hours" or "minutes" BEFORE x date, just days. If you want to send an SMS 1 hour before the appointment date, then Zapier is the go-to.


Either way, check out that video and it will help. Smiley Happy