Send SLACK In-App Notifications Through Workflows

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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It is now possible to trigger Slack notifications through workflows! Please see this article from our Knowledge Base for further information about the avaibility and use of the "Send a Slack notification" action in different workflow types.

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Hi @aseeler , 


It still doesn't allow to send notifications to Slack channels from contact workflows. Is there any plan to add this feature to contact workflow in the near future? 


For us, specific form submissions are really important. We want to send a message to our Slack channel when someone submits those forms. 




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^^ Exactly -- we would also like to have certain important form submissions feeding into a Slack channel, but there's no workaround I can find to do that through HubSpot alone. I am talking to my Devs now to see if we can just embed the form on our webpage and "listen" for submissions and send the notification ourselves...

A pain, that could certainly be taken care of via this functionality!!