'Selective' double opt-in


It would be great to have a 'selective' double opt-in feature in HubSpot.


Currently, it is only possible to disable double opt-in for certain pages created in HubSpot. But when creating new contacts in other ways (e.g. via the API), it is not possible.


This is an issue for us, because we use the API to sync contacts who register through our website. When they register, we effectively send them a double opt-in email already as part of the registration process. Now, with double opt-in enabled in HubSpot, they get two emails.


It would be great if double opt-in could be disabled in more scenarios, such as:

  • When certain conditions are met, e.g. a particular field in HubSpot in filled
  • Disable it for certain subscription types
  • Disable it for certain forms
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This would be very helpful! 


Having more conditions to define the double opt-in rules would be very appreciated. 

We need to set this up for German citizens, however, we don't want to make this a rule for the rest of the platform, especially as our biggest audience is US based.


Please look into this one asap!

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OK - this issue was raised more than 3 yrs ago. And as stated above it makes no sense not being able to filter out certain forms from Double opt-in.


Please look into this asap! 🙂   


This capability is absolutely needed.


Global application of Double-opt-in by Hubspot when only 4 countries in the world have that requirement is an unacceptable solution unless the majority of one's target audience is in those countries. In our case the % of our business that is in those contries is low. That means that Hubspot is forcing the rest of our target audience in the vast majority of the world to take that action even though it is not required. The vast majority of people who complete our forms don't bother to act on that email, and as a result are not subscribed.


I have figured out how to build a workflow to perform this function. Once I have it working I expect to turn off GDPR's double-opt-in function, hoping this automation work-around works well enough to keep us GDPR compliant. My biggest concern even if it works is overlooking some country, state or province which has added this legal requirement, and not adding them in soon enough. Since Hubspot provides a GDPR compliant function in the platform, I expect Hubspot to enable a feature for countries and states or provinces which legally require double-opt-in and updating the list as countries implent that requirement. Not doing so damages the effectiveness of the Hubspot platform for companies like mine.


I have to agree to this idea. It makes no logic sense, that it is not possible to define what forms or subscription types, the double-opt-in should be enabled on.

Only selecting HubSpot pages - seems very narrowheaded.


We really need more ways to handle double-opt in.


As it is right now, we would have to create our "own" double opt-in workflow, and have our own property - else we cannot go with any type of double opt in.


@bsmye @KNellebjerg @twatson @JesperK @SilvanaPSI I fully back all your arguments. I have been a Hubspot customer for years and I still haven't received a straight answer about selective Double Opt-In since GDPR was implemented. I have to maintain two seperate accounts to address the double opt-in issue, that's not productive. How are Hubspot's large clients dealing with this, surely there is a solution. I don't want to ask my contacts in UK and US to double opt-in when they legally don't need to. If anything we'll lose contacts if we implement this across the whole database. HubSpot can we have a straight answer please?


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