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Selecting which attachments will get added to HubSpot when logging an email

Currently, when logging emails into HubSpot it automatically pulls through all the attachments on the email. This setting can only be turned on or off. It would be great if, like the recent update with logging you're able to choose the deal to log the email too, we could also choose which attachments get logged at the same time. 

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I second this. If anyone uses the social media logos those get logged as attachments. It makes the attachment folder almost unusable because it grabs all of those icons and saves them. 


We also are getting way too many useless graphic attachments being saved in the Attachment records section of each Deal.  It shows facebook, twitter, linkedin logos, etc. all coming from the writer's signature.   Consider as a first attempt to improve the use of this attachment section to create a filter to remove any of the common social media logos.  That will help tremendously and we can then be able to manage their company logos a bit easier until you perfect the discrimination of attachments overall.