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Select which contacts to show on Company

Today, all contacts with the same domain are collected on a company card.

Imagine a case (this time from a customer success point of view) where you have around 40-50 contacts, but only 4-5 are the ones that everyone looking at that company (customer) should be aware of. One that is responsible for the contract, one who deals with technical issues, one who always needs extra help  with something etc etc.

Today there is no way of giving a priority to contacts in the view. It just randomly lists contacts based on the latest activity. So if someone signed up a newsletter today, that contact appears in the list - but not the most important contact we have had since thet became a customer.. We cant delete these non-relevant contacts either.
This is quite bad when people who dont have close relationship with this specific customer are trying to figure out who they should get in touch with for a specific task.

What would solve it: a manual way of pciking which contacts to show in the list, maybe in the contact list view (see my drawing of a possible solution).
Skjermbilde 2021-08-27 kl. 13.39.47.png