Select which Deal to log an email to when a contact is associated with multiple Deals

Need an option to limit the email logging to a specific deal associated to a contact rather than all deals. When you have an account where you do multiple deals every email associate to the domain goes into every single deal.


Another aspect of this through parent-child relationships and allowing deals to be associated with one child so that the email can be logged appropriately.

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Select which Deal to log an email to when a contact is associated with multiple DealsHubSpot Product Team
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We are currently actively working on allowing users to explicitly associate engagements with contacts, companies and deals. 

Select which Deal to log an email to when a contact is associated with multiple DealsCommunity Manager
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Hey all,

The ability to associate activities (notes, one to one emails, calls, meetings) with deals is now In Beta. So that, rather than having
every activity roll up from associated contacts and companies to deals, users can now choose which deals each activity should be attached to.


As an added bonus, deal properties based on activities (e.g. last contacted, last modified) will now update based on activities associated with the deal from contact and company records.


When logging or executing an activity on a contact, company, or deal record --- leaving a note, writing an email, making a call, logging an activity, creating a task, or scheduling a meeting --- you’ll have a new association bar to work with:



The tags in this new association bar denote where the activity will appear. If you associate a call with the contact “Andrea Tarrell” and the company “Configero” this call will only appear in the timeline for those two records. Using the dropdowns and X icons, you add/remove records that are associated with the record you are currently on.


These features are currently in a private beta, once live they will be available to all customers. Stay tuned to this post, notifications in your HubSpot account and here on our product updates blog.

Select which Deal to log an email to when a contact is associated with multiple DealsHubSpot Product Team
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Hi everyone,


Apologies for the delay here, but this actually went into production in November of 2017. When sending emails or logging activities from the CRM, you can choose which Deals and Companies should be associated with that object, per the screenshot that @roisinkirby posted in the beta announcement. More information can be found here:


We have long-term goals to add this functionality to email clients but don't have a timeframe on that right now.

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"We are currently actively working on allowing users to explicitly associate engagements with contacts, companies and deals. "

April 2017

Please provide status update @Sophie_Higgs 


We have issues with emails being associated with multiple deals. I put a screen shot together for this.Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 4.04.26 PM.png


Our company has several cases where one contact is involved in more than one deal at a time. The extensive email exchanges that can occur on one deal, greatly confuses the timelines for the other deals. Several of my users complain about this regularly.


My idea! When i add contacts to this email, can the Sidekick or the Ribbon show me the “potential” Deals that this email will be tagged on? And if yes, can I check boxes for the Deals that I want to see this email associated with?


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2,5 years later this is still not available.


We mainly use Gmail to log emails from as everyone lives in their inboxes. The problem is that the activity feed data on the deals becomes more or less useless exactly because of the above problem: if the same contact is associated with multiple deals (which most of our sales cycles are) then the emails go on all deals which they are associated with.


I simply cannot grasp how this is not available yet. I literally remember checking this thread over a year ago, and still no update. Very disappointing.

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This is available now, but it's a cumbersome process. If you go to each email and click on the records associated with it on the top, you can search and select and de-select deals and contacts and companies that the email is attached to. I recommend going to the contact's records because then you'll see everything from that person and can make sure that every email has at least the company (and usually a deal) on it. Repeat for each person in the deal. You can also remove emails from deals they don't belong to by unchecking the boxes. 

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@ecosenzaThanks for the reply. I am aware of what you're suggestin but that is exactly what I am trying to find a fix for.  That process is cumbersome and requires my busy sales and account management users to manually adjust something that could/should be available from the SideKick tool.

Also, if it's forgotten until after a recipient replies to an email thread, all future replies on that thread will need to be fixed manually as well.

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So there's the option in contact record to associate all the emails to specific deal....Good but time consuming....

Also, when writing an email through Hubspot you can associate the email to a specific deal.... Good....

But most important, how can you make this association when writing the email through Outlook?


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Hi Team Hubspot,


I have been working with Hubspot 1 year now and this is still my number one frustration.
I work with a network of resellers who are my contacts in 
hubspot, but they own like 50 deals each. now every contact I have with these reseller reps goes into every single deal they own.
You can imagine how to message the activity feeds look right...
We are not a big companies, but it is things like this that make us a certain we will switch in the short as it's just not manageable anymore. Can you please do something about this.... Please!

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yes, this needs to be enabled when emailing from Microsoft Outlook.

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Dear Development Team,


this feature has been the deal breaker in several cases or had to be overcome with workarounds. Please implement the feature to assign mails to specific deals only. Presently you get unorganized mails assigned to different deals with one company.


Cheers Achim






HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

My name is Flora Wang and I am the Product Manager of the HubSpot Sales Extensions. We've heard the feedback and understand that this is not currently a great expereince for our extension and CRM users. My team is actively investigating a solution for the Chrome Extension and I will update here as we work on delivering a better experience. Thank you! 

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Great news Flora! Very excited about it. Do you also have it in planning to extend this feature to Outlook? It's been our number 1 complaint since we joined HubSpot 2.5 years ago.


We would love to be able to associate emails to specific Deals right out of Outlook 365.