Select which Deal to log an email to when a contact is associated with multiple Deals

Need an option to limit the email logging to a specific deal associated to a contact rather than all deals. When you have an account where you do multiple deals every email associate to the domain goes into every single deal.


Another aspect of this through parent-child relationships and allowing deals to be associated with one child so that the email can be logged appropriately.

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@Flora having this for Outlook is super important... when is it foreseen to be released? 


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this workaround, can be the base for the end-state solution-

in the case where multiple deals (deal 1...N) are associated with one Contact and where i want each e-mail thread to be associated only wih the relvant deal - i would generate a non-exstant e-mail address, having a name associated to the deal name, and the "domain" name will remain constant. For example; ""... "".


Then, on hubspot, I could associate that address of deal-n to actual deal-n.

I would then make a rule on my outlook that any e-mail received from domain "" can be deleted permanently. 

the result woudl be-

as long as:

anyone on the thread "replies to all" (i'd request that of my correspondance team) 

and as long as i reply to the e-mail (i can always reply the last e-mail just to the specific deals' e-mail)

- it will be tracked wihtin the specific deal at Hubspot.


At the end state solution the generation of the address and making of the rule can be programmed into the outlook plugin

your thoughts?


@Flora Do you have an update on the beta implementation for this feature? I signed up, you mentioned you'd reach out, but I haven't heard from you. Thanks.

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I am confused. This seems to be marked as Resolved but it is not. We need the ability to select which Deals an email is associated with at time of logging (in our case from Outlook). Having to go to each email in the Contacts activity and remove association of email with all Active Deals is super time consuming and not realistic. why would HubSpot assume that any comms with a Contact relate to all active Deals? Doesn't make sense

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We need this feature for the Outlook extension! When will it become avaliable??

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@hubspot it looks like this request is 3 years old. Is there a plan to remove all the ticket/email noise from deals so sales people can see pertainent information about moving buinsess forward? This would be HUGE! Thanks.


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Our company also needs to option to be able to select which deal an email is associated with from the Outlook desktop add-in.

In our case we will have multiple deals associated with one contact.


It seems this issue has been open for several years. Does anyone have any updates if this is being worked on?


@jsg121 @Flora ??

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@jsg121 on 31st August 2018 you stated "We have long-term goals to add this functionality to email clients but don't have a timeframe on that right now."


Is there an update on this yet please?

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Hey @TuffaCharlie @jibanezASI @scottharris  @fabiomarques @geralsimian

I just posted a new idea in the community at the suggestion of HubSpot support in calling in on this issue. I have 2 Clients on Outlook and this is an issue for them:

Can you please reply to it and upvote it as well in hopes that we get a response?


HubSpot works nicely with the three business objects Contact, Company, Deal. Adding an SMTP Assigning a SMTP (email protocol) addresses to each of these would allow HubSpot to associate an email with either of these business objects if included in the BCC field.
Pipedrive has that, but the SMTP addresses are not logical, which could be done better.

Can you please implement SMTP addresses for each business object where this is useful? (These three at least?)


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Hi Everyone,

This is a no brainer!  I have clients who have knocked back Hubspot CRM for this very reason.

Hubspot - can we have an update please?  This is a BIG show stopper!

Very frustrating especially as these threads are almost as old as my Tank top from the 1980's. 😅




HubSpot Product Team

This update is out now to all Chrome Extension customers- you are able to decide default object associations in the settings ( as well as specific associations per email ( 


We are currently working on bringing this functionality to O365 and Outlook Desktop. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback! 

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@Flora - thanks for the update, but unfortunately we are not using Gmail so this doesn't help us.

What is the ETA for the same functionality for O365 and Outlook Desktop?