Select which Deal to log an email to when a contact is associated with multiple Deals

Need an option to limit the email logging to a specific deal associated to a contact rather than all deals. When you have an account where you do multiple deals every email associate to the domain goes into every single deal.


Another aspect of this through parent-child relationships and allowing deals to be associated with one child so that the email can be logged appropriately.

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@DewBob I agree completely. Yes, you can add these, but the default is that it goes on every deal that person is associated with. And if you don't tag a person in a deal because they are associated with many deals (like our team members), you can't see internal communications or put the communication on the deal. You can't win. 


So you end up wasting time slogging through things that have nothing to do with the deal or manually editing each email and removing the deals they don't belong with. Some of our sales team people have many deals, so then you have to manually add notes or emails in for team members you leave off so you don't have every thing they send in every deal. We also deal with agencies that have multiple clients and companies with more than one deal that a particular person is associated with. 

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Upvoted, we would also highly benefit from having the feature that you can link an email to a specific deal when you send it out from Outlook.

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This is a must for the Outlook Addon. Blindly associating an email to the last 5 open deals is sloppy and « pollutes » the CRM with Junk data. You can do way better Hubspot.

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Hi Hubspot,


It is very important that logging an e-mail to specific deal is possible from within the gmail client


Use case: we have resellers and each of there reps works one multiple deals that we track in Hubspot CRM, The moment I sent an e-mail to a rep, this communication comes on all of their deal records which very cluttering. What is the ETA for having this in the CRM?


I've work with Salesforce and they had it. I worked with Showpad and they even had. It is really important for any B2B CRM or sales enablement tool to have this capability.


Thank you very much. 

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Hubspot Developers,

I am in agreement that something like this would be hugely beneficial. 


When do you anticipate this to roll out?


I work out of Outlook 365 and previously had used the Dynamics "regarding to" feature which was a native drop down on their ribbon that you could select the previous 10 or so deals/contacts/leads that you had selected before.  This was extremely helpful and efficient.  If it was outside of those 10 or so then you could quickly search in that dropdown.  This was very helpful because I could even associate an email that might be addressed to my CFO as an example on the opportunity, but they weren't associated with the deal by name (I typically only associated external contacts with a deal).  However, this still left the activity breadcrumb so I could see the full picture of that specific deal and make sure I had connected all of my folks accordingly.


Thanks - Clay

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We have several clients running into this problem. They have numerous deals simultaneously - which is very common for the B2B-market. They need a simple way to log an email to a specific deal, before they send it from from Outlook. 

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It would be great to have each deal have a unique email address that I could BCC which, in turn, automatically appends the delivered email to the deal (e.g see Trello's capability where each card has a unique email address)

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Yes, it's important that not all the bcc-email get associated with all the deals of that contact. So i vote for a solution. 

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Please prioritize this! Gmail extension with this feature would be wonderful! 

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Yes! A must!