Select which Deal to log an email to when a contact is associated with multiple Deals


Need an option to limit the email logging to a specific deal associated to a contact rather than all deals. When you have an account where you do multiple deals every email associate to the domain goes into every single deal.


Another aspect of this through parent-child relationships and allowing deals to be associated with one child so that the email can be logged appropriately.

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This should absolutely be pushed to a more urgent status. As someone who is considering switching to Hubspot, this is a MAJOR drawback. I would be incredibly frustrated having paid for a feature (easily log and track emails) that in reality complicates things further! This is a MUST FIX oversight.


This is the A-#1 Top Complaint at our company.  Why has the update to add this option been put on the back burner?

I understand some types of companies like having the current setup, but for a company like ours, dealing with multiple contacts on hundreds of deals per year, we need the option to limit how much information is on each deal.


This is a total Catch 22 for companies with multiple people on different deals. If you don't add a person from your company, you can't tag them in notes and other things on the deal. If you do tag them, then every deal they are involved in gets tagged with every deal and you have to manually delete them all. This is why I don't recommend using Hubspot. I needed a CRM for our other company and I chose Zoho even though it's not as pretty as Hubspot, it is much easier to use in this regard. 


Can you please add me to Beta? Also, do you choose the deal when seeing the email through Service Hub?


@roisinkirbyHow far out is the full launch of this feature?  Is there a way my company can be added to the Beta testing group?

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In case some of you did not know, you CAN do this but WITHIN HubSpot.


If you send an e-mail using the HubSpot UI it allows you to pick and choose what record you'd like to associate that e-mail with. The biggest issue is that it does not work via Outlook 365 (nor Outlook for Windows).


However, if you use Outlook 365 and e-mail from within HubSpot, it automatically places the e-mail into your Outlook sent folder as well as the Record's timeline. Upon receiving a reply, you'll see it in both the Outlook Inbox Folder and the Record's timeline. I would then suggest to e-mail from within HubSpot if you would like to keep track of where to associate it to, otherwise, even if you have the Sales Tools Add-On, it will not allow you to segment the association, rather it will simply log to CRM into the Contact Record, and if the Contact Record is associated with a Deal, Company, and now Ticket, you will see the e-mail across all Records.


I would recommend HubSpot extend this feature to Outlook users as well.


Hope this helps.


This would be a creat feature


We manufacture commercial furniture and have the situation where an interior designer can be associated with a number of Deals for different companies. Being able to associate emails to or from the interior designer that relate to only a specific Deal would remove the clutter of multiple emails sent to the one interior designer populating every Deal the interior designer is associated with. By this I mean when sending an email to the interior designer from their contact name in the specific Deal and having that email along with its response log only to that specific Deal will save users time, frustration and enhance Hubspot’s reputation in the CRM community. Kudo’s to roarkjanis!


How much longer will roarkjanis' idea be in beta? Can the Hubspot community be given a definite time frame?

Status updated to: Delivered
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Hi everyone,


Apologies for the delay here, but this actually went into production in November of 2017. When sending emails or logging activities from the CRM, you can choose which Deals and Companies should be associated with that object, per the screenshot that @roisinkirby posted in the beta announcement. More information can be found here:


We have long-term goals to add this functionality to email clients but don't have a timeframe on that right now.


@jsg121 - I appreciate that this went into the HubSpot UI in November.  That is nice, although still somewhat lacking as the default is to still associate with all deals and then require user to remove...  (You should really have an option for that as I am sure some companies will want to operate that way, but it is definitely and issue for us and many others I have seen comment.)


The real issue is extending the functionality to the inbox integration.  You already have it where I can pull canned sequences, templates, documents, snippets, meetings, etc...  I just want the ability to chose the deal I want to associate with... and I don't want it to default to all deals.  This is impotant because you do not have a way to check or monitor my email inbox within HubSpot.  Sometime emails are initiated by clients and I should be able to associate an email chain one time to the appropriate deal and then have all folllowing replies within that chain associate correctly.  This is really a basic function of CRM dating back to the olden days of ACT!, GoldMine, etc.  


I am honestly quite shocked this went to market without this basic functionality.


@DewBob I agree completely. Yes, you can add these, but the default is that it goes on every deal that person is associated with. And if you don't tag a person in a deal because they are associated with many deals (like our team members), you can't see internal communications or put the communication on the deal. You can't win. 


So you end up wasting time slogging through things that have nothing to do with the deal or manually editing each email and removing the deals they don't belong with. Some of our sales team people have many deals, so then you have to manually add notes or emails in for team members you leave off so you don't have every thing they send in every deal. We also deal with agencies that have multiple clients and companies with more than one deal that a particular person is associated with. 


Upvoted, we would also highly benefit from having the feature that you can link an email to a specific deal when you send it out from Outlook.


This is a must for the Outlook Addon. Blindly associating an email to the last 5 open deals is sloppy and « pollutes » the CRM with Junk data. You can do way better Hubspot.


Hi Hubspot,


It is very important that logging an e-mail to specific deal is possible from within the gmail client


Use case: we have resellers and each of there reps works one multiple deals that we track in Hubspot CRM, The moment I sent an e-mail to a rep, this communication comes on all of their deal records which very cluttering. What is the ETA for having this in the CRM?


I've work with Salesforce and they had it. I worked with Showpad and they even had. It is really important for any B2B CRM or sales enablement tool to have this capability.


Thank you very much. 

All the best, 




Hubspot Developers,

I am in agreement that something like this would be hugely beneficial. 


When do you anticipate this to roll out?


I work out of Outlook 365 and previously had used the Dynamics "regarding to" feature which was a native drop down on their ribbon that you could select the previous 10 or so deals/contacts/leads that you had selected before.  This was extremely helpful and efficient.  If it was outside of those 10 or so then you could quickly search in that dropdown.  This was very helpful because I could even associate an email that might be addressed to my CFO as an example on the opportunity, but they weren't associated with the deal by name (I typically only associated external contacts with a deal).  However, this still left the activity breadcrumb so I could see the full picture of that specific deal and make sure I had connected all of my folks accordingly.


Thanks - Clay

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We have several clients running into this problem. They have numerous deals simultaneously - which is very common for the B2B-market. They need a simple way to log an email to a specific deal, before they send it from from Outlook. 



It would be great to have each deal have a unique email address that I could BCC which, in turn, automatically appends the delivered email to the deal (e.g see Trello's capability where each card has a unique email address)

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Yes, it's important that not all the bcc-email get associated with all the deals of that contact. So i vote for a solution. 


Please prioritize this! Gmail extension with this feature would be wonderful! 


Yes! A must!