Select which Deal to log an email to when a contact is associated with multiple Deals

Need an option to limit the email logging to a specific deal associated to a contact rather than all deals. When you have an account where you do multiple deals every email associate to the domain goes into every single deal.


Another aspect of this through parent-child relationships and allowing deals to be associated with one child so that the email can be logged appropriately.

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HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Planning

We are currently actively working on allowing users to explicitly associate engagements with contacts, companies and deals. 

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In addition to this, we have recurring clients. It would be nice to be able to make a recurring deal. 

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 Not sure if this is the right way to upvote this requirement but we would also appreciate being able to log an email to a specific deal.

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I completely agree. Sometimes you also get one email covering multiple 'deals' - this needs to be linked to more than 1 deal and more than 1 contact in HS please.

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Thanks for having this "In Planning." I have a client too that would greatly benefit from being about to filter / log emails to a specific deal. Thanks so much, Marion

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I feel this is a must have for anyone that has multiple deals for a specific client.  We have a lot of repeat customers, to sort thru a timeline and make sure that what you are looking at is for the deal you are working on is cumbersome and time consuming.  Especially if you are working from a tablet or phone in the field.

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I know this feature is in planning, but I think in your development you should consider this thread as well:




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 Upvote from me - it seems like a big drawback in the current toolset to have to see all activities in the company's or contact's timeline when looking at a specific deal. We have multiple deals with individual companies and it's a big job to hunt through the timeline to find the information you're looking for in relation to the deal.

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I think adding this feature to CRM is absolutely neccessary. We have partners, who bring us deals, and also we are upselling to the recurring clients. As time passes, deal timelines become more and more confusing. I am sure that all other users with similar process are as much confused and frustrated as we are!


Can you please tell us when adding of this feature is planned approximately?

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I heard you will develop this, great! Smiley Happy