Select from multiple signatures or assign signatures to specific email addresses


HubSpot already allows you to connect multiple email address to a primary account and send emails from the address you wish to send from, but it does not offer the capacity to alter the signatures when a different email address is chosen.


For example, we have two brands:

One is our primary brand that focuses on multiple lines of business and the second is a smaller brand that focuses on a singular line of business. When I went to send emails via HubSpot from my smaller brand and I select that email address while creating an email from a contact in the CRM, my signature stays the same as the one I use for my primary account, but ideally a differently branded email address would auto-fill when I switch to the secondary address.


Apple Mail does this perfectly, for example. As do most other mail clients. This would be invaluable so that I can do all of my work at once instead of having to change the email signature every time I need to send an email from my secondary address.

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Yes, have this same issue. Please add a layer for additional signatures.


Each different email address needs it's own custom/corresponding signature.
Also, it would be smart to allow multiple signatures per each email address, as well.


Thanks HS!


we have the same problem. In CRM we manage two brands, everything is set up separately (pipeline, deal stage etc). We need to send emails from Spark because Hubspot can't set two signatures