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Select from list of tax rates when creating Quotes

At the moment, it's great that we have a feature to add a percentage (%) tax rate to quotes.


It'll be cooler if customers could select from a dropdown list of tax rates for different states/countries and have HubSpot populate the field for them. 


However, I understand that it's quite hard for HubSpot to possible know ALL these tax rates (which may also vary by products). So perhaps customers can upload their own sheet of tax rates (e.g. by Country, State, product types) and select the tax rates that need to be applied on each quote. This can be similar to a custom property with dropdown options that are available from the quote creation page itself.

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re #1: The usage of the Stripe integration becomes extremely limited if the tax that is applied in the quote does not go into the respective Stripe field for taxes when pulling a payment report in Stripe. That means an accounting team would have to go through each and every quote and deduct the taxes manually.


re #2: I think there is already a request going that is quite similar. Please upvote:

Idea would be to have basically a lookup list of Countries/States or products where the tax rate is shown depending on the bill to Country/State in the billing address

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@rwong @Hackman to keep each post about an individual idea, I've moved the one about syncing to Stripe's tax rate field to a separate post over here Please go and give it a kudo! This post has been updated to just be about having a list of tax rates available to choose from when creating a quote.


Why aren't we sticking to this post with 94 votes from 1 year and a half ago?

It says delivered but am I missing how HubSpot automatically enters Tax values in, @hroberts.


I'm not sure I understand how allowing the manual capabilities to the quote "delivered" the solution.


This tax thing is a huge issue that is causing my team to continue to use alternatives to HubSpot. Very frustrating.



How will creating new tickets (with low votes) help get the problem solved faster, @hroberts? I think I am missing something.




This would be so great as we have to add tax manually right now and the process takes a little bit longer. 



Yes, please. This would be very helpful.

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It feels to me like there's an "easy" and reasonable way to give a bit more control and convenience to users (this example I remembered from Zoho) :

- Let users create a picklist of possible taxes they use (they name them, give them a %, etc.)

- When creating a quote, let them choose wich tax option (from the ones they've created) they want to use

- Apply the % on the amount


This way, users are responsible for adding and maintaining their tax rates, but at least it becomes standardized and easy for them to have tax on quotes. In this case, HubSpot is not responsible for maintaining any rate or anything, users are.


Any update on that topic? We really need individuel tax rates per item line; if not possible, we cannot use the quotes tool.


Apparently to the new law for our service about taxes...I would like to ask, if it is going to plan some new feature in Hubspot payments, where I can choose a country and automatically add a tax to my quote?