Select different tones for sound notifications or change pop-ups based on what the notification is


I'd love to see different alert tones available for forms, revisits, chats, etc., and perhaps something more intense for incoming chats as they can be easy to miss even with all alert types set to on. As I'm often multitasking, the only thing that ensures I get to a chat within a few minutes is the alert noise, but it's a quick noise that can be missed (We're often on the phone). So, by the time I see the email notification or the notification on my HubSpot page, the user has often left our website already. Perhaps a big red pop up or something like that

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I don't understand why Hubspot doesn't have better alerts for Chats.  All the others ones we offered, beep more than once or becomes more obvious.  You only get one little ding and it's easy to miss that they started a chat or responded.  Makes multitasking hard if you are focusing on waiting for someone to respond.


There has been other issues, and then hubspot just marked delivered, but it's the same problem of chats being missed.



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Efectivamente, es necesario que el aviso sea personalizable porque en el formato actual, se escapan algunas notificaciones.


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The chat is based on quick answers and we have 30-45seks answering-time using our chat-system today. We need to be able to create more dramatic notifications regarding New Chat and Replies. 


The same problem with chat as mentioned by others:

I like the way I'm able to personalise the chat with automatic replies and giving people the chance to leave their email, but 1 minute is very little and we never manage to answer in time, when you can't hear when someone is active in the chat.

I revert to until this issue is solved.


I agree that there should be more options for notifications sounds (especially when I am away from my desk with a headset on). The sound is too short and doesn't actually come through my headset (it takes about 2 seconds to connect the audio), so it is very easy to miss a notification. Live chats are important to our company, and we don't ever want to miss them.


Also, it would be nice to have more options for reply times. Asking for an email after just one minute is just too short. I think a three-minute option should be added.


We need more options for sound notifications as well.  Live chats are important to, and we don't ever want to miss them.  We also need sound notifications for @mentions


This is a huge issue. The sound is so low and "tick tick tick". It is definitely losing us sales. We need a louder more reliable notification sound when there is a chat so that we can answer our clients promptly.


Totally agree!  We became a hubspot customer through the free website chat app and we have missed so many incoming chats that we are looking elsewhere.  A notification menu can't be that difficult and it is very important to me.
Update:  I have replaced this with Live Chat and it fits the bill perfectly.  They also have an HS connector if you want all chats going into your HS database.   If HS can get theirs to work like this, It will be a good reason not to go elsewhere for the rest of the CRM


100% this doesn't seem like a big thing.. 

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+1 fot this!!


+1 - the new sound (seems to have been introduced over the weekend) is causing issues amongst our reps. It's incredibly harsh.