Select different tones for sound notifications or change pop-ups based on what the notification is

I'd love to see different alert tones available for forms, revisits, chats, etc., and perhaps something more intense for incoming chats as they can be easy to miss even with all alert types set to on. As I'm often multitasking, the only thing that ensures I get to a chat within a few minutes is the alert noise, but it's a quick noise that can be missed (We're often on the phone). So, by the time I see the email notification or the notification on my HubSpot page, the user has often left our website already. Perhaps a big red pop up or something like that

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I don't understand why Hubspot doesn't have better alerts for Chats.  All the others ones we offered, beep more than once or becomes more obvious.  You only get one little ding and it's easy to miss that they started a chat or responded.  Makes multitasking hard if you are focusing on waiting for someone to respond.


There has been other issues, and then hubspot just marked delivered, but it's the same problem of chats being missed.


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Efectivamente, es necesario que el aviso sea personalizable porque en el formato actual, se escapan algunas notificaciones.


Muchas gracias.