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It would be helpful to be able to use a filter selection in a contact's List for 'Campaign' > 'select name of campaign'. The idea would be that the contact would have experienced any part of a marketing campaign (here) asset. For example, if the contact was sent a marketing email where said email had that campaign set in the settings, then that contact would meet the filter criteria of this list. Or let's say a contact clicked a CTA that had that campaign set in the settings, then that contact would also be a member of the list.


Currently, we have to use workarounds and extra steps to make it seem like the above could be a reality, when in fact it is not quite exactly as hoped. So adding such a filter would be very helpful! Thank you for the consideration.

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This would be an absolute game changer.


My CEO asked me this once. "How many marketing emails did contact X open and/or click in this campaign?". 

HubSpot answer "look at the contact record and count the opens/clicks


We have a database of over 10,000 contacts, that isn't evn close to a solution.


or "look at the campaigns tool that tells you 56 contacts clicked but doesn't tell you who".


I cannot believe there isn't a contact view specific for each campaign, its madness.  


Q - How are we meant to track which campaign is working best across a number of metrics?  


There are so many use cases for this feature.  HubSpot, please raise this internally and get it on your roadmap. 


Worse thing is, as with everything. You actually have the data, we simply can't manipulate it.

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Yes, we need this!

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@llegault can you tell me more about your workarounds?


We require this feature too - having to go into every email to check stats is too much manual work!


absolutely a brilliant idea, and a much-needed one!


Love love love this idea. Big endorse. It would be so helpful to segment users based on campaign level interest. 


I'm going to agree with others on this thread, super useful feature to have. Seems weird to have SOME campaign capabilities but then not be able to filter specific to each campaign.

Our use case here is (was) to create a workflow based on users who have opened at least 3+ marketing emails from the ACTIVE campaign (as compared to Not Active). Users are enrolled in the Not Active email campaign before they 'activate' their account, and once they do activate their account they are switched to the Active group. Think of this as our sort of 'finish your account' email...

For these contacts that do open 3+ ACTIVE emails, we would specify that they prefer emails (over texts) for communication, given that they have opened 3 of the 6 total emails that we have in that campaign. However, since the Not Active email counts against this total, we can't filter correctly.

Since we can't specify by campaign, we get some contacts who opened 3 Not Active emails & are then deemed as 'email' humans, when in reality we might have sent them say 20 emails total and it took them months to finish their account creation. We then compare that against a human who got 'active' immediately after creating an account, who only has a denominator of 6 possible emails they can open. We are only trying to deem those who open the majority of our emails as 'email humans'.

Now I've seen a solution being presented saying that you can specify which marketing emails in particular, but that doesn't work when you create a new marketing email on a weekly cadence. This would require tons of changing and filtering!


How do we get this idea to have more upvotes?  


Working on a campaign today and this would be highly beneficial for segmenting down over a dozen emails during a quarter.

Make it so, Hubspot! Please!