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Select Google Search Console Properties to Connect

Currently, when connecting the Google Search Console (GSC) integration with SEO tools inside of HubSpot, it doesn't give you the option to select which GSC properties you'd like to integrate with HubSpot. While SEO Tools will only pull in search data for domains connected to a given portal, meaning that there's no risk of data bleed across clientele domains, it may be concerning for some users– especially those working with agencies– to know that several of their clients' GSC data is technically connected to another client's portal. 


Having the option to select the specific domains/ GSC properties you'd like to connect while setting up the integration would be incredibly beneficial and would alleviate this concern. 

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Select Google Search Console Properties to ConnectEquipo de producto de HubSpot
changed to: In Planning

We are currently investigating how we can solve for this use case and will update here as we make progress on this feature request.

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As an agency partner we definitely need this!