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Select Google Search Console Properties to Connect

Currently, when connecting the Google Search Console (GSC) integration with SEO tools inside of HubSpot, it doesn't give you the option to select which GSC properties you'd like to integrate with HubSpot. While SEO Tools will only pull in search data for domains connected to a given portal, meaning that there's no risk of data bleed across clientele domains, it may be concerning for some users– especially those working with agencies– to know that several of their clients' GSC data is technically connected to another client's portal. 


Having the option to select the specific domains/ GSC properties you'd like to connect while setting up the integration would be incredibly beneficial and would alleviate this concern. 

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Being Reviewed
April 13, 2020 09:46 PM

Hey folks! 

I just wanted to provide an update that this feature is still on our radar. There are some tricky security/permissions issues we need to think through, but as soon as figure those out and start the development work, I'll provide another update. 

Thank you for your continued patience!



In Planning
April 09, 2019 12:14 PM

We are currently investigating how we can solve for this use case and will update here as we make progress on this feature request.

March 18, 2019 07:49 AM

Hey @JohnS63! To be honest, I don't think we currently have any documentation outlining our current method for preventing data-bleed between connected and non-connected accounts, so that's already good feedback that I'll relay to our team to see if we can get something drafted up to outline that process in-depth. 


For now, the "in a nutshell" version is that the SEO Tool takes your site domains (like what you'd see at Settings> Tracking Code> Advanced Tracking> Additional Site Domains) into consideration when pulling in data from Google Search Console; if a domain is not connected and being tracked in your portal, that GSC property is essentially ignored. 


For example, my GSC account has access to my own website's search data as well as one of my former freelance client's search data. Within HubSpot, I only have my website connected and set up for tracking, and not my client's. So, when I look at the performance data, search query metrics, and traffic volume reported in my Topic Clusters in HubSpot, I'm only seeing the GSC data for my site and not my clients. Prior to discussing this with our team that manages that tool, I was manually cross-comparing the data to confirm that my client's website and performance wasn't skewing my data, so once I realized that we were already limiting reporting to tracked domains, it saved me a lot of time and clicking back and forth! Smiley LOL

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Chiming in on how big of a need this is for Hubspot Partners. 


Any updates here? We need to be able to select the appropriate Search Console property to share data with in Hubspot when setting up this integration