Select Audience for Pop-Up Forms

The idea is to have more control over to who are we showing pop-up forms, similarly to chat bots, where it's possible to show (or hide the bot) for a specific, segmented list.


It would be cool to have a "show it only to visitors who met specific smart list criteria" 

on the options tab, where we can select where to use the pop-up.


This would help us to:

- target specific groups with different messages

- hide pop-up from specific groups (for example hide book a demo pop-up from leads that already asked for a demo in an other conversion point)

- hide pop-up in case we want to use an other conversion type, for a certain audience (for example bot)

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I definietly agree, especially your secind point. Smart pop-up form criteria would greatly enhance the value of HubSpot. Here's another post that's getting some traction, so hopefully HubSpot will see the need for this soon!

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I'm also looking for the ability to do something similar - it's a shame that this is possible with chat-bots but not with Pop-Ups. The odds of a specific pop appealing to everyone is low, and few things frustrate people as much as an irrelevant pop-up getting in the way. 

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Should be easy to implement!

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Come on HubSpot. It would be a huge help for a lot of us! :-) 

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I'd like to take this a step further to. I would love to be able to target not by a list or segment, but rather simply by website activity -- return visitors vs not, known vs unknown contact/user.

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Hi there! I also agree with the comments. Kriszti has explained well about what the pop-up form should do. Is there any feedback from the development about when the segmentation will work in pop-up forms? Thanks in advance.