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Select A HubDB Row

It would be great to have a field type usable in modules for hubdb rows.


An example on a site that we have just built, We have a table of employees. in hubdb with a profile pic bio etc. 

We wanted editors to be able to pick records from the table (employees) what we have had to do is for them to enter the row id into a textbox and retrieve it that way 
There is already a selector for HubDb table but if this could be expanded to retrieve a particular record from the table that would be brilliant

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HubSpot Product Team

A new HubDB table row module field is live across all portals. Check out for more details. Enjoy and thanks for the idea!

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@wspiro Thanks was excited to see this update yesterday, great to see how responsive the hubspot team are. 

Restrictions on module usage would be another big one for us.