Segmented Payments on Quotes

Hello everyone! This idea serves to help all serviced-based companies currently using HubSpot. 

Lets be honest, the quote system HubSpot has to offer is awesome. Clean and professional format, product/service details, and even a Stripe integration helps avoid separate payment platforms. My only qualm? 

We currently utilize a deposit system for our clients to secure services. Each service requires a $200 deposit that goes towards their total balance. For many bigger ticket item service companies, it can be difficult for clients to pay the full balance upfront. 

I'm proposing the idea for quotes to include all of the prices, fees, discounts, etc., but at the same time, allow for clients to pay for a given amount. If we're using our company as an example, their total is $3,000 and they have two services ($400 deposit), they are given the option to pay the deposits and not the full-price. 

I believe that would be extremely helpful for the many service-based companies that use HubSpot! I look forward to hearing how this may be possible. Thank you for your time!

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we very much have the concept of a deposit and I have not been able to figure out how to use workflows or similar to update a deal automatically. Doing it manually via the product discount feature is prone to human error and time consuming 

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We need this feature to be able to operate correctly and simplify our workload.


At the moment we need our accounts department to generate a deposit invoice from Stripe and send it to each and every client that accepts a quote which adds to our WIP ques and delays times making us much more inefficent and increases our overall workload and lead times which is counter to everything else HubSpot has done for our business. 


The simpliest way to do this as a quick fix would be for HubSpot to add it as an option at the end of the quote generating process. At the moment it asks to "+ Add tax+ Add fee+ Add discount" all HubSpot need to do here is add the option for "Add Deposit" which would then allow a salesmen to put in the deposit amount. This amount would then be displayed when the customer clicked on "Purchase" within the quote and are presented a HubSpot pop up propting them to enter their email and CC details.


At the moment the only option is to pay the full amount. No customer is going to pay $14,000 upfront just because they have accepted a quote. This is costing us money in terms of lost leads, lost man hours preforming remedial tasks that shouldnt need to be manually entered in this day and age.  


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I agree that having a deposit amount due is needed. I also would ask for ability to duplicate a quote.

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Great idea, this would really help our business.


For us, the ideal scenario would be:


  • Payment A (e.g. $100 booking fee) required on signing.
  • Payment B (e.g. $2000 balance) required on date X - where date X is an input during the quote process and Hubspot creates an invoice in Stripe with the relevant information (a link to which is then put in Hubspot, along with a task for the due date so that a sales person can follow up for payment).
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This is very much needed and tbh am surprised it is not already a feature included in the quotes tool! 


PLEASE hubspot dev team, lets get this moving.

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Yes- please implement this Hubspot. It would be very helpful for our business model. 

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Nearly all our sales are done using an initial deposit. This feature is essential for us.


Being able to duplicate a quote AND re-issue an expired quote would be great 

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This feature is essential to my business. I also operate a professional service and clients are used to making a retainer deposit to engage with me. No one would use my service if they were expected to pay the full amount upfront. I'm currently using off the Hubspot network and it allows clients to make partial payments which work great for me. Furthermore, I can rebill the balance payment and not have to ask clients to initiate this a payment when my service is complete. I'm trying to see if I can customize this myself within the system but it's a huge pain in the **bleep**. 


Hubspot, please help with this. It's a necessity in our industry.