Segment customer data into before and after someone "Became A Customer Date"


I want to segment the customer data so I can see all the activities before the date someoene became a customer as well as after the date they were a customer and did some activity. Currently hubspot is merging all their activities whether it is the number of pageviews, number of form submissions or number of sessions and so on. I want to clearly see that how many pageviews someone had before they became a customer. 



Let's suppose that Bob visits our website and have 5 pageviews, 2 form submissions, 10 sessions. Then later on after sometime Bob becomes our customer and has 2 pageviews,1 form submission and 5 sessions. Currently hubspots merges both the counts resulting in 7 pageviews, 3 form submissions and 15 sessions. I want both of these records to be segregated. This will easily help you to track the acitivities before someone becomes a customer.