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Segment contacts into lists based on conversation inbox

It would be useful to provide the feature of allowing us to segment contacts into lists based on which conversation inbox they're in since some of us do have multiple inboxes connected. 

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Submitting on behalf of customer - similarly, they have multiple inboxes connected and differentiating them will be helpful to know the purpose (nature) of the contacts' requests. 


E.g. Support or Sales Inbox


Submitting on behalf of customer - being able to build lists based on what inbox the conversation originates will help them better engage with prospects who engage with their chatbots during events if they are running more than one chatflow at a time.


Excellent idea - I just had that exact issue when looking to segment leads based on which conversation they were in.

Turned out that was not possible, one could only filter on date range. Which renders segmentation from several inboxes used simultaneously, impossible.



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I'm having trouble right now, new contact are being created in different conversation inbox and I dont know from which one the contact has been created.

Very unsettling