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Seeing list as a contact property

Hi team,


raising this for a customer here

It would be really helpful if we can see all the list that a contact is part of; as a contact property.

This way, we can easily use this property within the contact/company homepage and make it easy to export too.

Currently, it is very cumbersome to see at a glance, the different lists contacts are part of.

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When I glance at my contact list, I want to be able to see what each prospect's interests are - specifically, what product or service they are interested in. 

I thought I could connect a form to a particular list - and then show that list membership on the Contact dashboard.

But apparently, List Membership is not a Contact Property and not eligible for the Contact dashboard. 

Alternatively, I was trying to create a Hidden Field for the same purpose, but then discovered Hidden Fields didn't work in popup forms.  

So I am hopeful you can give me a workaround for this problem.