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Seeing colleague's deal info on a contact's record

Seeing that the way we reach out to a person at a company is often contingent upon our relationship with other people at that same company, it would be very useful to be able to see information about someone's colleagues on their contact record, or to see a contact summary in a property on the company record.

If has already shown interest in our invitation, when emails us telling he is not available, being able to see a glimpse of John's deal info on Greg's Outlook sidebar would make dealing with email responses much quicker. Our sales people keep requesting this ability.

We have a property, "Current stage" on each contact record that sums up their most recent deal activity. Being able to display a concatination of the "Current stage" values of all contacts (who have a value for that property) on their company record would be one way to accomplish this.

On Greg's sidebar info, this concatenated company property could be easily seen, and give a quick synopsis of what is happening at the company as a whole.

Any solution to fill this need would be very appreciated and useful and save us a lot of time.