Seeing all UTM Parameters in one report / view


Hi! So I use 3 or more UTMs in one blog post, and I would like to know which UTM converts the most every week. However, when I go under Traffic Analytics and go in the UTM Parameters tab, I can only see one at a time. It would help to see all of them - UTM Campaign, Source, Medium, Content and Term all in the same table in my Traffic Analytics Report.


It will also help to see all UTM Parameters in one table because some of the values I enter under "UTM Content" are exactly the same. For example, "banner", "sliding pop-up", "text CTA", which can't be distinguished apart from the others unless I see all the UTM Parameters in one view and sort through them.


Yushu from your Singapore Support team has suggested I submit this feature request, so that the Product Team may consider adding this feature. I think this would be a highly valuable addition to your reports view, and would truly appreciate it if it was implemented (even if provided as a custom report template).

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Yes, very much needed, we have campaigns which we run several different promotion and channels, while it is good to see per event source, I want to see how a specific distribution method works across the different channels