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See your templates by default

It's nice that we have a "share with the team" option on templates. However, in some teams, everyone shares every template and it takes a long time to find yours. Is there a way to filter templates so that on the template home screen you only see the ones that you created, and then can access the others that were shared, but not on the same screen, or at least under yours?

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Hi @lsirac, have you tried organizing with Folders? Maybe have each team member store their shared templates in a personal folder - something like "Isac's Templates", so you can quickly jump to your own?


Custom views would definately be handy though!


I would like the ability to add multiple levels of folders in the Sales CRM tool Templates. This could be really helpful for my sales team to stay organized when emailing clients. 




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It would nice to be able to build a library of folders with documents on different topics.


Sub-folders would be amazing and really make document management much easier!



we are a multilanguage sales team. We have split the team into different sub-teams based on language. 

When someone shares his templates today should be an option to choose who he wants to share it with. 

At the moment every time I want to send an email I have to search among 100 templates that most of them are in different languages. 

This is definitely not productive. 

If Hubspot wants to expand to Europe needs to understand that every serious EU company needs to support multi-languages and therefore needs better granularity not only in sales templates but also in websites reporting and new leads... etc. etc.. 



I want to chime in here as well. We have many reps at our organization who use their own templates/take a generic and change it up. 


Everytime I want to send an email template, I see everyone else's templates and folders which;


a) I dont't care about

b) Wastes time trying to find my own, and sometimes I make a mistake so then;

c) Waste more time in a day


I send 30-50 emails in a day, so this time waster adds up!!



I would like to organize all my documents. Right now it's impossible to create a folder within another folder. I love organising all my stuff and make it easy for my colleages to find what they are looking for. It would look a lot cleaner as well!


same with templates, please!

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