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See where a meeting link is "used in"

We have our main round-robin meeting links that are used for various teams. These meeting links are a part of sequences, marketing emails, and workflows (as both triggers and goals). It would be amazing if, similar to the properties "used in" view, we can see where a meeting link is used!! 

This would be helpful in cases where we need to make an addition/deletion to a full meeting link, we would know exactly what that change would impact. This missing piece is exemplified by the fact that a meeting link is considered a form when used in workflows, but the details of this "form" cannot be seen in the Forms module (nor are submissions shown on the Contacts timeline record under "forms".

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That would be really helpful.
We have currently a case of an active meeting link of an employee who has left the company already (so basically somebody could try to book a appointment with him). I can only sort this out by deleting the user (right now he is only deactived). I would like to see in which mails, workflows, etc. the link is still used, before I delete the user. 


Completely agree - we have had a restructure and this meeting link is everywhere and I can't easily replace it or find it! so annoying


This would be amazing. We have a key team member going on maternity leave and need to transfer her meetings temporarily. It would be great to see where they're in use.


Please make this possible - I have to change all our links for the next month. I don't want to miss changing it on one of our landingpages. 


This would be really useful - i don't want to be sifting through all of our content looking for meeting links that need to be changed 


Yes this would be so helpful.