See what people are typing in chat

As we are chatting with users on the site we should be able to see exactly what they are typing in real time. Tawk has this feature and we would gain the super valuable information from people typing something and then deleting it, then sending something different.

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updated to: Not Currently Planned

Hey @JesRichards thank you for your post. 


This feature is not currently planned by the HubSpot Product Team as it is not a function that is in line with HubSpot's strategic vision for the Messages tool. 


People will still be able to vote/comment ont his request - should anything in HubSpot's planning change the thread will be updated. 

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Preview what the person is writing in messages instead of the bubbles.

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I agree that this would be a nice feature to have. We previously used SnapEngage and they offered this feature and it was helpful. 

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Yes please!!!      BTW .... I do think we might see this in the future because when I was chatting with support recently I asked the rep if she could see what I was typing before I pressed send and she said yes.  So my hunch is they are testing it out behind the scenes internally with their own chats.