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See contact specific properties from inside a ticket

Currently, if I want to check for duplicate tickets, or I want to check to see if a contact simply has multiple open tickets, I have to go to the contact record for the contact associated with the ticket, and check there.

It's an extra step that feels unnecessary. It would be great if the Contact information on the right side of the screen allowed me to include certain other things, ideally - their open deals, and their other tickets. This removes the extra step, making it more likely that my team will actually check for open duplicate tickets. That extra step is a lot when you have 80+ tickets per person per day.

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I agree with this! I feel like this is similar to another post here -


@amhofmann I added a workaround to that post on how I was able to give my team a little more visibility at a quick glance. Not sure if it would be helpful for your team but I did mention it was a meh workaround.