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See column totals in different currencies on the deals board

Right now, column totals are always displayed in amount in home currency--even if all deals in a pipeline are in a different currency. 


Let users pick which currency is displayed in the column totals on the deals board. 

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This continues to be a frustration for our clients - would love to see a simple solution for this

eg be able to have an option in the Board Actions to select the currency for viewing totals. Or perhaps a setting at the deal pipeline level for the default currency for reporting on totals.


We are a global company opertaing in no less than 5 different currencies, and this is our major frustration with HubSpot. We absolutely need this feature, please hurry up and roll it out!


This is a basic requirement for any sales team that operates in more than one country. As a global company Hubspot should be able to prioritise this!  

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This is so much needed. I have multiple international clients asking for this.


This would be a life-saver to us at Soben International. Please do come up with a workaround for this soon.

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Please! It makes no sense to have a deal board showing the company currency when our branches in other countries don't use that currency at all!