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See column totals in different currencies on the deals board

Right now, column totals are always displayed in amount in home currency--even if all deals in a pipeline are in a different currency. 


Let users pick which currency is displayed in the column totals on the deals board. 

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This continues to be a frustration for our clients - would love to see a simple solution for this

eg be able to have an option in the Board Actions to select the currency for viewing totals. Or perhaps a setting at the deal pipeline level for the default currency for reporting on totals.


We are a global company opertaing in no less than 5 different currencies, and this is our major frustration with HubSpot. We absolutely need this feature, please hurry up and roll it out!


This is a basic requirement for any sales team that operates in more than one country. As a global company Hubspot should be able to prioritise this!  

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This is so much needed. I have multiple international clients asking for this.


This would be a life-saver to us at Soben International. Please do come up with a workaround for this soon.

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Please! It makes no sense to have a deal board showing the company currency when our branches in other countries don't use that currency at all!

HubSpot Product Team

Hello fellow Community members,


I'm happy to share that we delivered on this idea in November 2022! You can now view the column totals of your Deals pipelines' in your preferred currency.


If you work in a currency that is different from your company's currency (e.g. you work in France for a company based in the U.S.), you can now edit your board view to show your pipeline's totals and weighted totals in your chosen currency--so long as that currency is already set up in your company's HubSpot account.


Here's the Knowledge Base article with more details.