See Deal value in task queue.

Hubspot should look into adding the ability to add "deal value" as a column option for the task queue. Or have a way to see the overall value of the deals in the queue. That would be helpful in prioritizing time and would save a step from currently having to toggle between the deals view and the task view. Having more options to filter the task queue by in general would help make it a more powerful tool, because currently it seems like the options are a bit lacking. 

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Thanks for placing this on the HubSpot ideas Paul!


It would really help me to know the value of the task if I can pull some fields from the Deals que. 


Muchas Gracias!

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to elaborate on this: Make any aspect of the deal viewable from the Tasks page. For the above user it's " deal value" , and for me it's "Deal Stage". I prioritize based on how far along in the pipeline my deals are.