Security controls by property group

Feature request. I've been implementing hubpspot CRM and one of the big challenges I ran across was the lack of fine-grained security controls.


Problems lack of fine-grained security controls:

* It's one of the reasons we haven't moved away from our current solution

* it makes it harder to sell hubspot CRM to upper management

* and in fact may force us to migrate to a "better" solution i.e. Salesforce


One of security concerns was address by the recent update of seperating communication and the contact record (i.e. a group can continue to post communications, but not change properties). 


How about taking the next natural step and separating properties security by property groups? Stop treating all properties with the broad stroke security either a group can view all, update all, or edit all. Change it each of the possible options is available at the property group level. This would signifcantly increase the granularity of the security controls and allow us to store sensative info.


Please let me know if this in the works, or need more clarification to consider.

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Hi Edgar,


I can add my voice to yours, as these are exactly the issues we're facing – both in terms of security granularity and progressing with HubSpot as the primary CRM solution. I'd also add that it would be helpful to select who can see an email that's attached to a record as well.


Let's hope the HubSpot development team can bubble this one to the surface.

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I agree 100%.  We want our sales people to see who others are working with, but not to be able to see their communications.  

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@larry99 this is available already -- there is an option for communications (view, team only, etc.)

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Not really.  THat option only restricts whether you can send emails but does not control reading them.  I want them to be able to view basic contact information for all contacts but only be able to view email, notes, etc for their contacts.