Searching bar - find the contact for any phone number available for the contact


Hubspot provides 2 fields for phone numbers: (1) Phone number and (2) Mobile phone number. Obviously, we enter direct mobile phone numbers into the field - Mobile phone number, which occurs to be not considered when trying to search contact in the searching bar.


That complicates things in the following scenario:

  1. We do cold calls every day.
  2. Often, clients call us back.
  3. And before answering we need quickly to check who is calling. We can't do it no with the searching bar.

The workaround is entering mobile phone numbers into a Phone number field, but isn't that ridiculous?! Why we need Mobile phone number field (provided by Hubspot) then if we can't use it in a full?


Please allow searching bar consider Mobile phone number value too when searching for the contacts.