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Search values for mobile phone number property

When I get at call and I don't recognize the number I quickly want to check who is calling me in hubspot.


Hubspot today only allows search for "Phone number" and does not support search on "Mobile phone number".


Please make it possible to search for a mobile phone number in the contacts view but also in the main search bar.

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Does anyone know if this issue has been resolved, other than by using filters?


I would also like to have that funcionallity. Some of our leads have mobile numbers only, so it would be great to be able to search for any number and make it show up on the search bar.


This is a very good point actually. In today's time and age, mobile phone is used a tons more than phone. Not saying you should change it, but you should also search against mobile phone field.


Also, HubSpot concept of searching 'contains' doesnt work very well if the field value is only one string. e.g. if searching field contains 1234, it wont work if the field value is 12345678. but if the field value is 1234 5678, then it work. 


I definitely vote for this feature.  Most people only have a mobile phone now and really does not have a home or office number.


Yes, please impliment this - it is so handy to seach by numbers and mobile is the most used. I am having to input the mobile number into the phone box to get around this, please implement!


PLease implement this feauture, it's vital! 


please implement!


Me parece increible que una funcionalidad tan básica que tiene cualquier app, no esté disponible en una herramienta que pretende ser tan potente como Hubspot. ¿Hay alguna estimación? ¿Fecha? ¿Está planificado solucionar este tema? Veo que la petición es de mediados de 2017, y estamos a punto de entrar en 2019.



Hubspot provides 2 fields for phone numbers: (1) Phone number and (2) Mobile phone number. Obviously, we enter direct mobile phone numbers into the field - Mobile phone number, which occurs to be not considered when trying to search contact in the searching bar.


That complicates things in the following scenario:

  1. We do cold calls every day.
  2. Often, clients call us back.
  3. And before answering we need quickly to check who is calling. We can't do it no with the searching bar.

The workaround is entering mobile phone numbers into a Phone number field, but isn't that ridiculous?! Why we need Mobile phone number field (provided by Hubspot) then if we can't use it in a full?


Please allow searching bar consider Mobile phone number value too when searching for the contacts.



Please. Solve this problem already. It is maddening to have a CRM and not be able to do a simple search in an easy and effective way!