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Search values for mobile phone number property

When I get at call and I don't recognize the number I quickly want to check who is calling me in hubspot.


Hubspot today only allows search for "Phone number" and does not support search on "Mobile phone number".


Please make it possible to search for a mobile phone number in the contacts view but also in the main search bar.

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You can enter 2 values for Phone Number field with a space separating them so you can at least enter the mobile number also there, and both numbers are appearing when you search any of them

Example: 212-444-1234 908-555-6868

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Unfortunately, numbers are always entered differently in Hubspot. Often they are copied from a homepage, or just typed in by different people. This results in different formats such as +49123456, 0049123456, 0049 123 456, only 123 456 and so on. Unfortunately, it is not possible to find a number (for example, a missed call) in Hubspot. And generally in sales, but especially in cold calling this leads to unsightly situations on the phone. It would be great, for example, to have a search field especially for telephone numbers that somewhat is more flexible / far-sighted with the requests

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Please fix that!


Its also needed by the 3CX Hubspot Integration!



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in the "global search" you can find the contact but you have to type exactly the number you stored in your contact: so 0176 or +49176 doesn't work. But I wanted to add my phone system via zapier and there i can not search in the global search only in contacts... so i also hope that this will be fixed soon.


Greetings Luckpf