Search the MERGED Ticket Data



The expected behavior for merging tickets creates a brand new ticket and all the data from two tickets are merged into the new ticket.  Old ticket information is removed.



After the merge, users are no longer able to search for the original ticket data.  Searching for the original ticket number or even the ticket name will not return any results.



For users to be able to find the original ticket information when they search, HubSpot should keep this information/data in the search index.



Tickets 99264476 was merged with 99095483 into new ticket 100303830

After the merge we are no longer able to find the ticket using the old ticket numbers.  The values of "99264476" & "99095483" return zero results.


With the recommended FIX, users will be able to search by any of the original "Ticket Number" or original "Ticket Name" values to find the new ticket.

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Can we please have this implemented soon? It really has an impact on the support agent's productivity specially when it comes to finding tickets with the old ticket numbers. 

Thanks in advance!  


This creates problems for us internally and externally. We send confirmation emails to our customers that include their ticket number for reference. If they happened to submit in multiple channels, they have no way of knowing then which ticket number is still active and relevant.